What Makes A Woman Good In Bed? 7 Sex Tips For Wives

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Sex gets boring in marriage, they say. But does your sex life have to be lousy and full just because you’ve been with the same partner for a long time?

The answer is no.

You know how to pleasure your husband but you still doubt whether it’s enough. Or at least you thought you did…

But these days it seems like the intimacy went stale. You want to wow him and so you wonder what makes a woman good in bed?

Check out these tips straight from a man and get the confidence boost you need under those sheets. Effortlessly turn up the heat and have the best sex ever. And no, you won’t need a sexy lingerie nor a stripper pole. 

Read on to know how you can become a truly irresistible wife that instantly gets him in the mood.   

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How Do You Know That You’re Good In Bed?


The answer isn’t straightforward.

Here’s why:

You could take the measure of ‘being good in bed’ by looking at how satisfied your husband is. But here’s the thing: the pleasure of sex isn’t dependent on you. It’s dependent on him as well.

How do you know this to be true?

Just think back to when you had great sex and when nothing really changed, yet the sex sucked.

You did the exact same things you did before. You had the same level of desire to make love with him, but the sex doesn’t feel fantastic at all. 

How did that happen?

The difference lies inside your mind. You might not be aware of it but having a satisfying sexual experience depends on your state of mind. Your moves can stay the same. The setting can stay the same. Everything can be the same but for one thing: 

Sometimes you’re totally into the deed, and sometimes not. It’s the same for your husband. Sometimes he’ll be totally into it, and sometimes not that much. 

As a woman, being great between the sheets can be a bit of a mystery. But you don’t have to piece the puzzle to great sex all by yourself. We’ve actually cracked the code behind what makes a woman good in bed and how you too can be 100% satisfied.  

Just head over here to reserve your spot and know what makes him go crazy over you without forcing him. 

That said, there are a few things that can tell you whether you’re good in bed for your husband or not. 

You enjoying sex is the biggest turn-on for your husband.Jachym Jerie

5 Signs He Thinks You’re Good In Bed

There are only two things that matter when it comes to good sex:

  1. You enjoyed it and you’re satisfied
  2. He enjoyed it and he’s satisfied

So how do you know whether he’s enjoying himself? What are the signs he thinks that you’re good in bed?

1. He’s Totally Into the Act


There isn’t a clearer sign than this one. If he’s immersed in the experience of being intimate with you, then he’s deeply enjoying this experience with you. 

Enjoyment, by definition, is immersion. Without immersion, he’s in his head thinking about other stuff. He can’t be with you when he’s in his head. 

2. He’s Blissed Out Afterwards


When he deeply enjoyed this immersive experience with you, he’ll feel the afterglow afterward. If you see him spacing out with a big smile on his face, he probably really loved the sex with you. 

Now, this is only the case when you have the time to be together and it wasn’t a quickie on the go. 

3. He Tells You How Amazing It Was


You can tell whether he thinks it was a delightful experience for him by how he talks about it. But here’s the thing:

Not every man feels the need to talk about how great the sex was. That’s why a lack of verbal affirmation doesn’t necessarily mean that he thinks you’re bad in bed. 

4. He Can’t Wait to Do It Again


We want to repeat what we enjoy. 

If he often wants to have sex with you, it has one meaning:

He thinks you’re great in bed and he wants to have you again and again or he’s a sex addict.

I’m sorry, I do have to throw this in here.  But it really is necessary. You don’t want to feed his addiction. 

5. He Really Wants to Give Back to You


When your husband enjoys great sex, he’ll make sure that you it as well. Sex, after all, is really about giving and receiving. And there’s as much pleasure, if not more, when you can give an incredible experience to your partner. 

If your husband wants to please you, it could be a sign that he’s deeply satisfied and desires to see you experience the same bliss. 

Is It Important To Be Good In Bed?


Does sexual satisfaction matter in marriage? 

Yes it does. 

A group of researchers from Florida State University found out that the ‘afterglow’ or the period of sexual satisfaction after sex boosts not just the bonding between partners in the short-term, but also relationship satisfaction in the long term. 

However, the same study also notes that those who have stronger sexual afterglow experience greater marital satisfaction than those who have weaker sexual afterglow. 

That said, being good in bed actually matters. But how does sexual satisfaction bring about a fulfilling marriage?

It Brings You Closer Together


Sex isn’t just about rubbing genitals together. Really! It’s about the connection you have with each other. It’s the exchange of energy. It’s the deep communication that happens between the two of you. All of this matters in a good relationship. 

Sex can be a way of expressing love to each other that you can’t quite replicate otherwise. But it’s not in the act itself but in the energy behind it. 

How Can I Be A Better Wife In Bed?

You want to be a goddess in bed? 

Then read on as we reveal how you can please your man beyond his wildest dreams. If you’d like a deep dive into how you can become irresistible to your man, then get our free blueprint here.

1. Embrace Your Sexuality


There’s soooooo much shame and guilt around sexuality. This goes for both men and women. 

We feel ashamed for wanting certain things. Women feel bad that they want to have sex. They feel they’re a slut if they want it. But no, you’re not a slut. That’s simply a tactic to shame women. 

You can’t be great in bed if you cling onto all of that nonsense. Drop your inhibitions that are fueled by guilt and shame. Enjoy sex! Embrace your desire for it. 

There really isn’t anything as appealing as a woman who’s at peace with her sexuality. Being true to yourself and your desires is what makes a woman good in bed. 

You no longer have to masquerade yourself in shame and guilt. Give yourself the freedom to explore your sexual desires. 

But how can you really be comfortable with your sexuality?

By tapping on your feminine energy. That’s how the women we work with truly become irresistible. Want to have that same transformation?

All women have a natural sex appeal. But most are scared to connect with it. Worst is, they don’t even know they have it within.  In our Cherished Wife Program, we’ll show you the exact steps on how you can connect with your femininity and unleash your inner goddess. 

You can be comfortable with your desires. And no you don’t have to do it all on your own. You don’t have to wonder on your on and constantly ask. “What makes a woman good in bed?’ We’ll help you surrender all protection mechanisms you have. Start igniting your sexual energy that can fuel your life and marriage by saving your spot here.   

2. Celebrate Your Sensuality


Seeing someone experiencing sensual pleasure is magnetic.

Men love seeing women who are enjoying their sensuality. They can feel the sex appeal in her every move. How? 

By her actually enjoying her sensuality. When you love the feel of your body, you move differently. When you deeply feel this moment through your body, men are drawn to you.

Again, it’s not a technique. It goes so much deeper than that. It’s about reconnecting to your Inner Goddess. The one who loves:

  • Life
  • Love
  • Good company
  • Great sex

And isn’t ashamed to let people see it. 

3. Express Your Pleasure


When you’re having sex, there isn’t anything as hot for a man than knowing that he’s totally rocking his woman’s world. If he feels that he’s deeply satisfying you, it’ll turn him on like nothing else. 

But he can’t know it if you don’t express it. 

So show him that you love his touch instead of thinking too hard on what makes a woman good in bed. Show him that you want him more than anything else right now. But you can only access this pure and raw expression of desire when you’re at peace with your sexuality and you allow yourself to enjoy your sensuality. 

4. Give Yourself Completely to Your Husband


Sex is primal. 

The man takes you. He literally opens you up. It’s in this dynamic that you can experience total surrender to your man. You let him have and ravish you. This kind of surrender can be scary. You’re opening yourself up so completely to him. But it’s this openness that’s irresistible to him. 


Because he can feel how you totally trust him. You let yourself go and he’s the one catching you. He’s the one who’s holding you. That’s special for him and an incredible turn on.

A woman’s surrender to the moment is incredibly seductive to a man.Natasha and Jachym Jerie

5. Give to Him and Enjoy It


You know what he likes. 

If you don’t, ask him.

One of the most powerful things you can do for your husband is to give him what he likes and enjoy doing it. Don’t do it out of obligation. Don’t do it because you want to give him a favor. Do it because you want to. Because you have found a way to deeply enjoy the experience yourself. 

Do it because your whole being wants to please him and it gives you deep joy. 

If you can connect to wanting to serve your man, he’ll be deeply satisfied.

A Word of Caution


Do not engage in anything that we’ve mentioned here if it’s not coming from a place of integrity. You do not owe your husband sex. 

You do not need to do anything you don’t want to. If you do it anyways and you resent him for it, it’ll be more harmful to your relationship and sex life than anything else. 

Listen to yourself! 

How To Be More Confident In Bed With Your Husband?

Do you feel shy and insecure in bed?

You don’t have to. 

Here’s a little secret that will help you immediately:

Enjoy Yourself


The antidote to feeling insecure in bed is to enjoy sex yourself. Stop making it about him and whether you’re doing a good job or not. Instead, focus on what feels good for you. 

As we’ve mentioned before, your man is totally turned on by seeing you in pleasure. But you can’t feel all of this bliss when you’re stuck in your head wondering if you’re doing it right. 

Here’s the thing:

You’re built for sex. Literally. We all are. It’s how our species keeps on going. You’re made to have and enjoy sex. It’s in the design. What gets in the way are all of those expectations and thoughts about how sex should be.

'Well, hey there!' a confident wife says while approaching her husband, ready to apply the tips she learned on what makes a woman good in bed. What Makes A Woman Good in Bed?

Forget about those. Forget what you read in some women’s magazine or what you have seen in porn. Sex is about having a real human connection with your husband.

Explore Don’t Perform


Sex isn’t a performance. 

It’s an encounter. 

It’s an exploration of what both of you like and dislike.

Treat it like that rather than having to live up to some standard. Again, it’s a simple switch in mindset, but it can make a big difference. Lack of confidence is rooted in needing to meet a standard. When you’re exploring, you can’t meet a standard because it’s about discovery. 

Do you see how simple it is? 

Just get out of your head and into your body. 

Sex isn’t about putting on a performance, it’s about taking off the masks and meeting each other.Natasha Koo

There are a lot of opinions out there on what makes a woman good in bed.

Some say that you have to touch your man in a certain way to bring the heat on. Others say you have to wear a certain lingerie cut to make you look hot. All these advice and techniques seem to vary but they all do have one thing in common:

They dictate women on what they should do and not do in bed. And instead of bringing the sex a notch higher, these varying opinions actually make it worse.

Instead of making you feel good about yourself, these varying advice actually fuels the performance anxiety you already have. 

Sex is more than just the physical. It requires intimacy. And most importantly, you don’t have to try so hard and do things you don’t want to just to satisfy him. 

More than satisfying your husband, what makes him truly explode in desire is when he sees you oozing with confidence and love for yourself. That’s the reason why sex is also called making love.

It’s not about how good you perform but about how comfortable a woman is with her sexuality. It’s about making love not just with your partner, but with yourself as well.

Want to deepen not only your intimacy but your connection with your partner again? 

Click here to get our free irresistible wife blueprint which will draw your husband naturally towards you.

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Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

Is Your Relationship Communication Healthy?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

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