My Husband Doesn’t Make Me Feel Desired (Wait Until You Try This!)

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What can I do if my husband doesn’t make me feel desired?

You’re not the only one thinking this.

Many couples get into a passionless routine where they become roommates as the years go by. And the unfortunate part?

Most don’t make it out of this rut.

Is there a way to get the attraction back? Can you make your husband desire you again?

A big YES, and we have just the tips in this article that can bring the spark back. If you’re here for a deep dive, we even have prepared the Irresistible Wife Blueprint for you! Just click here to get it now. 

But first, let’s understand why things can slip from the honeymoon phase to one where you don’t feel desired by your man anymore.

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Why Doesn’t My Husband Desire Me Anymore?

Is there something wrong with you?

Is he seeing someone else?

The fault is not entirely yours and his lack of desire is not a definitive sign of him seeing someone else. But does that mean that you just have to put up with being in a relationship with someone who makes you feel undesired?

No. You don’t. 

You can do something. You can save your marriage and bring back the spark in it. You just have to tap on your feminine essence and bring out the irresistible wife within you. In fact, we’ve cracked the code to become irresistible to your husband again. Get the blueprint here and become the irresistible wife you truly are.

Want to learn the reasons why he no longer desires you? Keep on reading and discover the truth behind his lack of desire. And if you’re unsure if he’s still into you, we’ve written up an article that covers the 13 signs he’s not attracted to you anymore. 

1. He Has a Lower Sex Drive

Not everyone desires the same amount of sex. Nor does people’s desire for sex stay the same over time. Sometimes your desire is higher, sometimes it’s lower. 

Your husband may be making you not feel desired because he has a different sex drive than you. But guess what? There are all kinds of ways to feel more desired that don’t necessarily involve sex.

Just because his desire is low doesn’t mean you’ll have to feel undesirable!

Sexual desire fluctuates and isn’t a constant.Natasha and Jachym Jerie

2. He Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore


This one sucks. 

But unfortunately, it’s sometimes true. The attraction we once felt for someone can fade over time. Some people have an extreme reaction where they even feel repelled by their partner whom they used to find so hot. 

It can be disheartening to find yourself with someone who doesn’t find you attractive anymore. But here’s a little secret:

There are ways you can increase your attractiveness with your man. There are some simple traits and skills you can learn that will make you irresistible to him. In our The Cherished Wife Program, we break these skills down and show you exactly how you can apply them to your relationship. 

It doesn’t have to be hard to stay in a long-term relationship. You can create one that’s even better than the honeymoon! Head over here to secure your spot now. 

3. He Doesn’t Produce as Much Testosterone as He Used To


Our bodies go through changes as we get older. According to this paper published in ‘Urology’, testosterone levels of men decrease at a rate of 0.4-2% per year once they hit 30. 

But testosterone is one of the vital hormones that drive sex. If your man is older and is having low testosterone levels, he can get it treated. Here’s an important learning though:

Just because he doesn’t desire you as much as he used to doesn’t mean that you’re:

  • Deficient
  • Ugly
  • Undesirable
  • Unsexy

Isn’t it funny how much our minds can trick us into thinking that we’re at fault when it’s in fact something that men naturally go through? 

4. You’ve Become His Mother 


This is a big one.

There are certain core attraction drivers in a relationship that either keep the spark alive or suffocate it. We cover these attraction drivers in detail in our The Cherished Wife Program

But here’s one useful tip:

You can’t be his mother and his lover.

Being his mother involves:

  • Picking up after him
  • Doing everything in the household
  • Trying to control what he does
  • Trying to make him do things your way
  • Believing he’d be lost without you and that you know better

Sometimes these kinds of behavior are coming from a place of good intentions. But it’s these kinds of habits that can really derail a romantic relationship. Becoming more desirable to your husband doesn’t come from doing it all. It comes from you feeling desirable!

That’s key if you don’t want your husband to ignore your sexual advances anymore!

You either are his lover or his mother. You can’t be bothJachym Jerie

How To Become More Desirable To Your Husband?


Can you really become more desirable to your husband?

Definitely yes!

There are core attraction drivers that you can master that will make you more desirable. Despite what modern culture is trying to tell us, men and women aren’t the same. It’s because of this difference that we experience attraction. And it’s because we’re trying to equalize it all that we lose it. 

If you find yourself that your husband has stopped initiating. We’ve created an article for you that gets him to initiate sex again

Masculine And Feminine – The Divine Dance


We all have feminine and masculine energy inside of us. But most have a stronger tendency towards one of those. People either have stronger inclination towards their masculine essence compared to their feminine essence and vice versa.

That unequal tendency to be more of the other is normal. It is when we don’t cultivate those essences that we tend to get depleted and exhausted.

Many women nowadays spend so much time in their masculine energy, that they lose sight of their feminine core. But it’s that essence that makes your man desire you. When you don’t live from this essence in your relationship, you’re not allowing the natural attraction to come out. 

The desire for a strong man is a desire coming from your feminine essence. The more you embrace that desire, the more you allow the dance between the masculine and feminine to play out in your relationship again. 

In our The Cherished Wife Program, we look closely at this dynamic and show you how you can tap back into your feminine essence. When you do, your husband is naturally inspired to step into his masculine essence and the desire and attraction starts flowing again. Ready to reclaim your feminine power? Head over here now.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess!


You got this amazing feinine energy inside of you that your man can’t resist. But how do you unleash it?

Here’s how:

Letting Go of Shame, Guilt, and Blame


When you feel ashamed of yourself- whether that’s your body, your personality, or some other characteristic- you’re blocking your energy.


Because you feel unsafe to express it. It’s something that’s bad (at least in your mind). Which is why you need to address it. The more you let go of shame, guilt, and blame, the more your inner goddess can express herself.

This is especially true for all the sexual shame that you might be carrying. You want to feel desired by your husband but you’re ashamed of your sexuality. Do you see the conflict? 

The more you are at peace with your sexuality, the sexier you become. 

Connecting to your feminine essence is more replenishing than a spa day.Natasha Koo

Choosing Love Over Fear


Attraction isn’t fear-driven. 

When you’re fearful, you’re not in a state of being desirable. How do you choose love over fear?

Just look at all the insecurities you have:

  • Am I sexy enough for him?
  • Maybe I don’t deserve his love.
  • My body isn’t thin enough.
  • My eyes are too small.
  • Maybe I’m just no good at being a wife.
'Well, now what?' a disappointed wife thinks to herself as she ponders upon how she and her husband got stuck in a passionless routine. My Husband Doesn't Make Me Feel Desired (Wait Until You Try This!)

Whatever your insecurities are, they’re rooted in fear. When you stop nurturing your insecurities, you stop giving them energy and they’ll wither away. 

But that’s not all. 

You can choose love instead. It’s from this loving yet confident place that you’ll become really desirable to your husband.

Unguarding Your Heart and Letting Go


It happens to all of us…

We get hurt.

And then, we close our hearts. 


Because we’re fearful of getting hurt again. We want to protect ourselves. But it’s these walls that get in the way of deep intimacy and connection with your husband. How can he desire you when you’re busy hiding your heart?

That’s why in our The Cherished Wife Program, we help you open up your heart in a gentle and compassionate way. It’s through this opening that you can find all the love and connection you could ever wish for. 

Just imagine seeing your husband looking at you with loving eyes, totally absorbed in your presence and beauty. You know and feel how deeply he loves and cherishes you. You can feel how’s magnetically drawn to you, without having to do anything. That’s what’s possible when you allow your heart to open and be touched by your man. 

But you can’t do that, as long as you don’t allow yourself to let go. If you want to experience this deep desire from him that transcends the physical attraction, then head over here.

How Do I Get My Husband To Desire Me Again?


Can you really get him to desire you more?


But first, you have to set the stage as we’ve shown you in the previous section. Without that, you won’t be able to draw his desire towards you. In order to get him to desire you again, you have to understand him- or as we like to say, get inside his brain. 

It’s through this understanding that you’ll know how to turn him on.

A man wants to feel needed and useful, but many women are trying to prove they don’t need a man.Jachym Jerie

Get Inside Your Man’s Brain!


What does he think?

What does he need and how can I get him to desire me again?

We’ll take a close look at that here.

Respect – You Won’t Get His Desire Without It


Men need respect.


Because respect, for them, means being acknowledged as a strong and capable man. It sets the path for them to embrace their masculine essence. But how do you show respect?

By seeing him as an amazing man and showing him that in all the different ways. This means :

  • Asking for his help
  • Showing him that you can’t do it all
  • Trusting his decisions
  • Letting him take the lead

It also means cutting out the:

  • Bickering
  • Nagging
  • Complaining
  • Criticizing
  • Shaming
  • Blaming

All of these are communication patterns that are rooted in fear. All they do is work for a short amount of time while pushing your husband further and further away from you.

Let Him Be Your Hero


Men are naturally drawn to provide and protect the ones he loves while also simultaneously earning the respect of people around them. 

He especially wants to do that for his woman. There’s a reason, after all, that men are physically stronger. But he can’t be your hero if you got it all figured out and sorted. This is why the modern tune of ‘strong and independent woman’ is backfiring in many romantic relationships.

You can be strong and independent outside of the relationship. But you need to give your man the space where you acknowledge and actively let him be your hero. 

Without it, you’re really missing out on the deep desire he’ll feel for you. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Acknowledge what he does well.
  • Show him that he’s special for you.
  • Let him take care of you.

It’s pretty simple: The more you go back to the primal design that triggers his hero instinct, the more you trigger his desire for you. 

A Cherished Wife values her husbandNatasha and Jachym Jerie

Use Your Desire And Be a Happy Wife!


He wants to see you happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

Use that to nurture the attraction and the flow of desire in your relationship. 


By voicing what pleases you. But make sure that you’re specific. You want him to know how to do it. The more he knows how to please you, and he sees how much it means to you, the more he’s going to want to do it. Seeing that he can satisfy you will give him the feeling of competence which feeds back into his masculine essence.

These tips are powerful but we urge you to not use them to manipulate him. This will destroy the trust in the relationship.

If you want to supercharge this last tip, learn to be happy. The more joyful you are, the easier the relationship will flow. It’s in your joyful state that he naturally will feel desire towards you. After all, we all love to be around happy people.


You’ve probably come to the conclusion by now that feeling desired by your husband isn’t just about physical attraction. That’s one aspect of it, but there’s so much more to it.

One way you can approach it is by being your best self. You will become more irresistible to your husband by letting go of shame, guilt, and fears, choosing love over fear, and unguarding your heart.

Another way to access his desire is to truly understand your man and what he needs. This knowledge alone can save any marriage from divorce.

When it comes to feeling desired, stepping into your full feminine self is your birthright. You deserve to feel like a woman who’s wanted and special to your man.

Now that you know the answer to your question of ‘What I should do if my husband doesn’t make me feel desired?’, which point from this article will you go and implement in your relationship today?

Maybe they all resonate with you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all our suggestions, then just do this: download the free Irresistible Wife Blueprint to get your marriage back on track for more intimacy and connection.

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Is Your Marriage Communication Breaking Down?

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Is Your Marriage Communication Breaking Down?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

100% Privacy. We will
never ever spam you!

Is Your Relationship Communication Healthy?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

Is Your Relationship Communication Healthy?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

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never ever spam you!