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What Podcasters Have to Say

Speaker, Coach, Advocate, and Host of the Choose Your Struggle podcast

"Natasha and Jachym were the first duo to come on my podcast and they wrecked the curve for everyone else. Their natural chemistry made for a PERFECT interview. They gave my listeners so much to think about and closer to home, I jumped off our interview and instantly took their marriage quiz with my wife! I’m so impressed with everything they bring to the table and I can’t wait to put this episode out!"

"Jachym and Natasha brought a wonderful and supportive presence to our podcast. They shared a wealth of information on relationship dynamics and were authentic, open and vulnerable throughout the episode. We really enjoyed their calm, loving demeanor and learned a lot from their experience as coaches and leaders. We highly recommend them as guests for their unique perspectives on relationships, their engaging personalities and their shared dedication to support others in fostering a love and connection that lasts."

Hosts of This Might Get Uncomfortable

ST Rappaport

Relationship Photographer LifePix Relationships Podcast Host

“I'm so grateful I got to meet Jachym Jerie & Natasha Koo and have them on my podcast. They're professional, got really interesting stories, are super relatable, and give clear concrete tips and tools, leaving the audience knowing what to do next. I had a great time speaking with this exceptional couple!”

"I recommend having Natasha and Jachym on your podcast. They added value to my audience through their wisdom about healthy relationships and inspiring personal stories. They were fully prepared with a professional podcast setup, and are not only professional but fun and engaging."

Sandy Weiner

Love Coach, Author and Creator of Last First Date

"Jachym was a great guest to have on my podcast. He brought a fresh perspective to the show and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I can highly recommend him as a podcast guest."

“Natasha & Jachym were an absolute pleasure to work with! They were super responsive as we made arrangements via email and were accommodating with the time difference. Hands down, they were one of the best guests I've had on my podcast thus far! Every word they said had an impact on me -- and I know it will do the same for my listeners. Relationships can be tricky and they present a light and open conversation on how to make a relationship work.”

Tinah Ogalo

Creator of the In Your Twentys Podcast

Molly and Tricia

Creators of ‘The Lost Art Of Communication’ Podcast

"Jachym and Natasha were fantastic guests to have on our podcast. They were engaging and thoughtful in their answers to our questions, and provided so many insights we've not heard anywhere else!! Prior to recording, they were timely, communicative, and flexible. They would be a great asset to have as guests on a podcast!"

Radio, Podcast & Video

Guest Appearances

Hosted By Byron Ingraham

Hosted by Steph & Craig

Hosted by Monica Tanner

Hosted By Jason & Whitney

Hosted by Kingsley Moyo

Hosted By Brittney Hiller

Hosted by Patrysha Korchinski

Relationships are the building blocks of our society. How we conduct ourselves in relationships has a direct impact on humanity as a whole.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

International Speaking Engagements

The Fundamentals of Change-Work For Psychologists and Psychotherapists

September 2018, Czech Republic
Organized by Jakub Lanc

Coaching Connect Conference

November 2017, United Kingdom
Organized by Elizabeth Scott

Zürich Hypnosis Meetup Group And Internations Events

2012-2018, Switzerland
Organized by Meetup & Internations

Self-Hypnosis Workshop

January 2013, Canada
Organized by Cindy Stone

Guest Publications

6 Ways to Love & Respect Ourselves in Draining Relationships

The Ultimate Key To Taking Action (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)

6 Things You Should Do to Improve Your Self-Love

7 Ways Intuition Dramatically Transformed My Life

Why the Path to Self-Love Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

The Voice in Your Head

Relationships are a natural conduit of love and joy. The only thing that hinders the flow of those qualities are fears.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie


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The #1 Reason Why
You Keep Fighting

This 25-page FREE resource helps you to stop arguing. Rekindle the love, connection and trust in your marriage again.


The #1 Reason Why
You Keep Fighting

This 25-page FREE resource helps you to stop arguing. Rekindle the love, connection and trust in your marriage again.