How to Get Your Husband to Compliment You

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I’m not here to fish for compliments from my husband. It’s deeper than that.

I want to be seen by him.

Truly seen and acknowledged by him.

And maybe then, my husband can tell me how he feels about me. Am I still beautiful to him? Am I still special to him?

Because deep in my heart, I want to be that special someone to my partner. I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

But I’m just not getting it. No communication. No compliments.

Is there a way out?

Yes, there is.

As Relationship Experts, we’ve seen firsthand how marriages can be transformed. If you’ve been wondering how you to get your husband to compliment you and make you a priority, then look no further. You can finally get the clarity that you need and have your needs met in your relationship. Let’s dive in!

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Why Does My Husband Never Compliment Me?

“Am I ugly?”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

“What are the reasons my husband never compliments me?”

If you find yourself thinking about these things, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explore what it means when your husband doesn’t compliment you. And, of course, what you can do about it. 

Let’s get started.


Never? Really?


We tend to exaggerate. 

Always and never make something that happens frequently into something that’s expected to be constant. Well, guess what? Most likely, your husband has complimented you. But he probably isn’t complimenting you like he used to, which is why you’re wondering how to get your husband to compliment you. 

If he did compliment you in the past, he can do it again. That’s why we encourage you to stop thinking in absolute terms like ‘never’ and ‘always.’ Often we combine these statements of absolutes with questions like ‘why do husbands never compliment their wives?’ This makes it a universal problem.

What starts with an observation such as: “My husband doesn’t compliment me as much anymore as he used to”…

Has now become a sweeping statement that’s true for all husbands and wives. Do you see how unhelpful this is? 

Now that we’ve cleared this up, let’s look at the possible reasons why your husband doesn’t compliment you anymore. 

A Cherished Wife surrenders to love.Natasha Koo

Reasons Why Your Husband Doesn’t Compliment You Anymore


There are a bunch of traps people fall into that make you notice less the positive qualities your partner has. Let’s look at a few of them in more depth. 


The Rose-Colored Glasses Came Off

When you’re in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, your partner is simply perfect. There isn’t any apparent flaw. Your husband thinks you’re a goddess that has come alive and he can’t get enough of you. Both of your brains undergo a significant change, as this article outlines

Well, this honeymoon period eventually comes to an end. Suddenly flaws become apparent and you start criticizing each other. Your husband isn’t complimenting you anymore because he’s come off of the hormonal high of the honeymoon.


The Routine-Trap


When the honeymoon subsides, you’ll start having a routine in your relationship. You start going to the same events, restaurants, and outings together. You wake up at the same time and you ask each other the same boring questions. 

Life and your partner have become less exciting. Your husband has gotten used to you. He’s stopped complimenting you because everything has become mundane. In our premium coaching program The Cherished Wife, we help you break loose of this trap and get your husband to compliment you again effortlessly. 

The secret doesn’t lie in talking to your husband about the lack of compliments; it lies in becoming irresistible to your husband. Click here to find out how you can turn your relationship around today.

What Does It Mean When Your Husband Doesn’t Compliment You?


You must not be good enough for him. 

That’s the conclusion women often jump to. The lack of compliments from your husband feels personal. You’ve made up a whole story about what it means when he doesn’t shower you with words of affection.


The mind doesn’t know love, your heart does.Jachym Jerie

These stories usually end up putting you down. You’re somehow deficient and that’s why he isn’t complimenting you. This is a fabrication of your mind. It uses your insecurities and makes an elaborate plot about how your husband’s behavior validates that you are somehow not good enough. 


With some women, it can go as far as this:


You Don’t Even Notice the Compliments Anymore


It’s almost as if you have a magic repellant on you that deflects any compliment coming your way. I’ve seen countless women who put down a compliment as:

  • He’s just trying to be nice.
  • He doesn’t really mean it.
  • I know I’m ugly, so it can’t be real. 
  • He’s just trying to get something from me; that’s why he’s saying this.

All of these are simply ways to make a compliment not count. And there are women who don’t simply don’t notice it anymore.

Natasha used to do this. I tell Natasha regularly how beautiful she is. Sometimes I can feel how she replies with a monotone voice saying ‘Thank you’. Did she really acknowledge it? Nope. I would then pause and look at her and say, ‘Did you really hear what I said?’ 

To which she would look at me with a slight blush and say, ‘Not really.’ 

Just like you can fall into a routine with your everyday life, you can also fall into a routine about how you hear compliments. This study here found that women preferred men who made novel metaphorical compliments than just giving literal compliments. This suggests to me that you might not notice the compliment because it’s not novel anymore. 


He Isn’t Into You Anymore


Does a lack of compliment mean he doesn’t love you anymore? Does it mean that he doesn’t find you attractive anymore? 


It can be that your husband does feel this way, and there can be many other reasons why your husband stopped complimenting you. Just because it feels personal when you don’t receive approval from your husband, doesn’t mean it is personal.

Even if he isn’t into you anymore, that can change as well! After all, he’s fallen in love with you before. In The Cherished Wife Program, we show you how you can activate your inner magnetism so that he wants to be with you again. 

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why your husband doesn’t compliment you, let’s look at some other questions. We’ve noticed that when we don’t receive compliments from our spouse and we get all insecure, we often start wondering what’s normal. 


Should Your Husband Compliment You?

Maybe it’s normal that my husband doesn’t compliment me…

That’s the line of thought many women fall into. The lack of compliments makes them question whether a husband should even compliment his wife.

It’s not a question whether your husband should or shouldn’t compliment you. The real question is how can you get your husband to compliment you naturally. After all, you don’t want to receive compliments just because your husband feels obligated to give them to you, right?

That’s why in our The Cherished Wife Program, we focus on how you can get compliments naturally from your husband. All you need to do is turn on your irresistible feminine power. Just imagine how you wake up and your husband wraps you in his arms, showering you with kisses and affectionate words. 

How would it feel like for your husband to come home and look at you and say: ‘You’re the most beautiful being I’ve seen all day!’?

Amazing right? You don’t have to daydream about these incidents, you can have them in real life. Just apply here to reserve your spot now. 

A Cherished Wife is at peace with herself.– Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Does Your Husband Compliment You?


“If other husbands also don’t compliment their wives, maybe it’s normal and I just have to live with it.”


Don’t look for what other people experience. Don’t settle for what’s considered average. You really can have the most amazing relationship you can dream off. But you won’t get it if you just give up and accept the current situation.

You deserve affection, love, and appreciation. What if you can be the girl who everyone else envies because you have such an amazing man? The only thing stopping you is yourself. If you’re tired of putting up with ‘the norm’ then work with us now

How Often Does Your Husband Compliment You?


How often do you want to be complimented?

That’s a much better question. Why? Because it aligns with you. It’s not someone else’s relationship. It’s your relationship. Only you can define and create it into what you want it to be. 

I compliment Natasha almost everyday. In my opinion, it’s good to hear that you’re valued, appreciated and desired by your partner. But maybe you feel different about how you want your relationship to be.


It’s not a competition about how often someone’s husband compliments them. It’s about feeling good about how your relationship is.

Maybe you’re someone who simply doesn’t want to be complimented, and that’s ok too. If you aren’t, let’s look at the next question:

An Exceptional Relationship isn’t made by following what’s normal.– Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Why Do I Need Compliments From My Husband?


It’s suffocating.

You need your husband to appreciate you, but he isn’t doing so. You feel this deep void inside of you and you want it to be filled. If only he’d acknowledge you. If only he’d tell you that you’re amazing. But he isn’t, and you feel worse.

Oftentimes, people need their partner to be a certain way to cover up their feeling of being insufficient. But the problem is that no amount of external validation is going to get rid of that bad feeling. 

We can’t replace our own sense of inadequacy with validation from others.– Jachym Jerie

It’s a losing game because your husband will never be able to give you what only you can give yourself. Now, don’t get us wrong. We do believe that it’s healthy and worthwhile to appreciate each other.

It’s totally worthwhile to give each other compliments. After all, for some people words of affirmation is their love language. And if we aren’t honest with ourselves, we don’t realize that we are covering up certain feelings that we don’t want to feel. 

That’s why in our The Cherished Wife Program we help you to heal your wounds and bring out the best in your mind. You don’t have to put up with no compliments from your husband anymore. The truth is, it’ll feel even better when you’ll get them because you don’t ‘need’ them. 


Because you can freely receive them without grasping for them or needing to resist them. You’re free to bask in the love, appreciation, and desire of your husband. That’s how powerful it is to embrace all of you. There’s nothing as sexy as a woman who’s at peace with herself. 

Are you ready to become irresistible?

Alright, it’s time to see how you can inspire your husband to give you compliments until you can’t take it anymore!


How to Get a Compliment From Your Husband

“If you aren’t willing, I’ll use force!”

This is a translation from a poem of Goethe. I translated it, so it might be wrong…

Anyway, the point is that when we don’t get what we want, we often resort to coercion or some other manipulation tactic to get what we want. Don’t do it. It won’t work. If it did, you wouldn’t be reading this now. 

But how can you get your husband to compliment you?

You either protect your fears and insecurities or you serve love; you can’t do both.– Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Appreciate When He Acknowledges You


You’re probably looking for a compliment like this:

“Oh my god, you are drop dead gorgeous. I can’t take my eyes off you. Man, I am the luckiest husband on this planet!”


Well, you can get this kind of compliment from your husband. After all, you can become his queen. But you need to start small. Let’s say you booked a good restaurant and he really likes the food and says: “That’s a great restaurant you chose. We should come back here again.”

That’s your cue to smile happily and let him know how happy you are to hear that he likes it. 

Why does this work?

  1. You’re showing him what makes you happy

Women think that nagging and complaining is going to give them what they want. It isn’t. It drives their man away. Your man wants to see you happy. Show him what behavior you really like from him and he’ll do more of it. 

        2. You’re consciously paying attention when your husband compliments you

As we’ve mentioned before, women can be dismissive of compliments. You want to turn it around and become very aware of the smallest compliments. It’ll help you to notice what’s going right in your relationship instead of focusing on the negative.

This is very much necessary, as this study shows we’re much more likely to pay attention to the negative aspects of our lives than the positive ones. You can counteract this by appreciating even the smallest compliments. 

        3. You create more off what you pay attention to

When you see your husband as useless, he’ll become useless. When you see your husband as strong and powerful, he’ll become that. Why is that? Because your entire body language, tonality, voice, and choice of words will be influenced by it. 

When you learn to master your attention and put it onto the positive, your relationship will transform effortlessly. That’s why we give our women in The Cherished Wife Program audios that are designed to rewire their brain so that they naturally start creating the dream-come-true relationship. 

It’s like giving your subconscious mind a new blueprint for how a good relationship truly looks like. Your subconscious mind then starts creating that in your life because it’s your subconscious that influences your entire behavior. Want to have more love, passion, and intimacy in your relationship? Head over here to secure your spot now. 

Open Yourself to Receiving


It’s strange.

The thing we tend to chase is also the very thing we resist receiving.

I know that it sounds counterintuitive, how can we be closed to what it is that we want? But it happens.

It looks effortless in the movies when the main character gets weak in her knees and falls into her partner’s embrace as he showers her with love. Well… in reality, isn’t it a little bit more complicated than that?

When we’ve become accustomed to being the strong, career-driven and self-reliant women that we are, it’s kind of hard to just let go. When it comes to receiving from our man, it might even feel a bit awkward. Like his words or actions always need some sort of justification.

‘Why does he think that?’

‘Does he really mean it?’

‘He’s probably just being nice.’

I for the longest time struggled with this. I had such low self-worth that it was hard for me to truly accept that Jachym thought so highly of me. I thought his compliments were ‘polite’ when they actually came from the heart.

For years, a part of me didn’t believe him. I couldn’t get myself to surrender to the fact that I am that beautiful. I am that desirable. And that I do deserve that kind of attention.

It took me to be vulnerable in a way that I wasn’t used to. To receive, I had to let go of the ‘success formula’ at work. It meant that I had to melt a little bit, let Jachym more into my heart and just be cherished as a woman.


That’s why you have to stop your resistance and open yourself to receive. Your husband won’t be able to give to you when you won’t allow him to. And no, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep score and give back to him once you have received.

This means to receive:

  • Without condition.
  • Without guilt.
  • Without having to work for it.

You really can have it all if you allow it to come in. How else do you expect your husband to meet your emotional needs?


Change Your Perspective About Yourself

When I first met Natasha, she was an ugly duckling. 

She wore an oversized coat, shuffled her feet, and was being quite cute. Guess what? Natasha is really beautiful. She was then and she is now. But because she had a very negative self-image, she thought she was ugly. That showed in the way she dressed and how she behaved. 

Her beauty really started to shine when she embraced herself as a beautiful woman. Up until then, I could tell her that she was beautiful and she wouldn’t hear it. She had the ‘anti-compliment-repellent’ on her and nothing could penetrate it.

But once she shifted and saw her own beauty, everything changed.


Why are we telling you this?

Because you have all kinds of negative views about yourself. You are:

  • Too fat
  • Too skinny
  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Not feminine enough
  • Not sexy or desirable 

This list is really endless. Your belief that any of these is true is holding you back from being a truly radiant and powerful woman. In our The Cherished Wife Program, we help you see through all these negative beliefs so that you can walk free from them. 

Gone are the days where you think you’re not good enough. Instead, you know that you are worthy, lovable, beautiful, sexy, and irresistible. It all starts in your mind. Just imagine how freeing it’ll be to let go of all these insecurities that have infiltrated your mind, life and relationship.

How would you carry yourself when all these negative beliefs are gone? 

Feels good right? Then join here to make it a reality!

A Cherished Wife doesn’t guard her heart anymore; she lives life through it.– Natasha Koo

When it comes to relationships, the smallest things can bother us. It can be something our partner said or didn’t say. Whichever the case, we often depend on our husband to validate us.

But where does that lead? Before dating Jachym, when a man would compliment me, it gave me a sight boost in confidence. But I have to admit that it was temporary. That ‘good feeling’ didn’t last because I didn’t feel good about myself.

When I was in a serious long-term relationship with Jachym, I was stuck in the same pattern. Here was this man who loved me and regularly told me those words of appreciation, but it didn’t feel enough. It never ‘hit home’.


Because what mattered most was how I felt about myself in front of the mirror. Whether I was proud of who I am and what I do every single day.

No one’s compliments can make as much of an impact as what I think of myself. I know that this is a strange turn when you initially wanted to know how to get your husband to compliment you more. But that’s the honest truth, from one woman to another.

'Give me more!' pleads a wife who wishes that her husband would compliment her. How to Get Your Husband to Compliment You

It starts with us

How we see ourselves.

What we think of ourselves.

And how open we are to receiving from our partner.

Once you unlock these three keys, like the women who do in our Cherished Wife Program, there’s not a more empowering feeling when you are with your man and you fully, truly receive his love and words of appreciation.

If you still feel deep in a pickle in your relationship, then check out the Frequently Asked Questions below that can provide a bit more clarity for your situation.


FAQ – What Should I Do?

My Husband Never Tells Me I’m Beautiful

Yes honey, because you don’t believe it yourself. Start by seeing your own beauty. All the words from your husband won’t do you any good as long as you hold the belief that you’re not desirable.

The way you walk and talk is directly impacted by the very belief that you aren’t beautiful. Let go of the belief and embrace your femininity. 


My Husband Never Compliments My Cooking


Why is it important that he does that?

Will it give you a feeling that you’re a good wife? If so, you might want to talk to your husband about it. Not everyone expresses and receives love the same way. Your husband might have no idea how important it is to you that he acknowledges your cooking. 

I certainly didn’t know that it was important to Natasha until she asked if the food was really that bad.

I looked at her in total surprise. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked. She said ‘You only say, ‘It’s ok or it’s fine when I ask you how the food is.’ 

‘Well yeah, that means good!’ I replied. You see, for Natasha ‘ok’ and ‘fine’ meant bad. For me it meant that it was good. I’m from Switzerland and we don’t say things like ‘It’s amazing.’ That’s way over the top for us. 

Your husband isn’t complimenting your cooking because:

  1. He doesn’t like it.
  2. He likes it but simply doesn’t think he needs to say that. 

A simple conversation where you let him know how much these words mean to you can do wonders for your relationship.

The things we chase often keep being elusive. What if you stopped the chase and let it find you?- Jachym Jerie

My Husband Compliments Everyone But Me 


We often treat the people closest to us the worst. 

Your husband might have started to take you for granted and doesn’t feel like he needs to upkeep the relationship. Meanwhile, he wants to make a good impression with other people. But just because that’s the case, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. 

Please read the article above and it’ll give you some vital skills to turn things around. As we’ve mentioned before, the change starts with you. You can get the relationship out of the routine-trap and revitalize it.

You won’t do that if you just complain to your husband. Instead, you need to learn how you can get rid of negative communication patterns and how you can replace them with positive ones. 

These are the practical skills we teach you in The Cherished Wife Program. You’ll be shown how you can communicate with your husband so that he simply gets you. You don’t need to revert to nagging and criticizing. These solutions often make the problem just worse. Apply here to turn things around today. 

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