How to Become Sexier for Your Husband (3 Simple Steps)

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Most wives get attraction wrong.

Many women mistakenly turn to magazines to try to be more attractive by applying the tricks they read. But this usually ends up in a disaster where they just end up feely awkward, doing things that don’t feel natural, like they’re trying too hard.

The end result?

Their husbands find them to be acting strange and inauthentic which leads to even less intimacy.

So what makes you sexier to your man? Want to know how to become sexier for your husband? It’s not what you think.

Our free Irresistible Wife Blueprint breaks down the key components to keep the fire burning between you and your partner. Yes, even if the honeymoon phase is over, it doesn’t mean that your spark, attraction and fire have to dwindle.

You can naturally draw your husband towards you. What you’re about to read will bring that sexual dynamic back in your relationship in a natural and healthy way. Before you know it he’ll be initiating sex with you all the time.  Let’s get started.

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What Makes a Woman Magnetic and Irresistible?


Some women just ooze sex appeal. But why? What do they do differently than others?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible.


Physical Appearance


How important are looks?

Are they really all there is to being irresistible?


They are important to some degree as they communicate health and fertility, two important factors for our reproduction. And as much as you might think that you can disjoint attraction from reproduction, you really can’t.

We’re looking for a mate to reproduce. That’s our biology. 

However, there’s so much more to being irresistible than it looks. Attraction is way more complicated than how your body is shaped. You can become sexier for your husband without having to change your appearance. But more on that later. 

On to the next trait that makes a woman magnetic:




What does confidence really mean?

It’s simple: To be at ease with all of you. 

You’re not judging or belittling yourself. You’re not picking on some flaws you perceive. Instead, you’re relaxed in your body and at peace with who you are. That’s confidence. And men love it. It’s one of the secrets to him becoming responsive to your sexual advances.

A woman who’s confident is responsive to her environment and her man. 

A woman who’s insecure is stuck in her head and reactive to her thoughts. 

Here’s a little secret: most women aren’t confident. Especially the ones who appear confident on the outside. 


Because confidence isn’t something that needs to be displayed. It’s something that is present when you stop believing all the thoughts in your head. Confidence isn’t something that has to be acquired. It’s your natural state.

It’s the same for your sexiness: the less caught up you are in your head, the sexier you become for your husband.

Now that we got confidence covered, what else will make you magnetic and irresistible?


Loving Your Sensuality


There’s nothing as attractive as a woman who expresses and loves her own sensuality. It shows in the way you move and how your whole being communicates. You can have all the looks in the world but as long as you’re not comfortable with your own sensuality, your magnetism won’t be there. 


Because the masculine and feminine are polar opposite energies. You become irresistible to the masculine the more you step into your feminine. It’s that simple.

A woman’s sex appeal isn’t dictated by her physical appearance.- Jachym Jerie

Do you want to know how to do that?

Then head over here and check out our The Cherished Wife Program. You’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Unleash your inner Goddess
  • Become 10x more attractive to your husband
  • Ensure the passion and connection never runs out

You don’t have to figure out how to turn your relationship around. We’ve figured it out for you.


What Do Husbands Find Attractive In Their Wives?

You get married and 10 years later you find yourself in a relationship that feels like you’re roommates rather than lovers.

It feels stale and fighting has found its way into the relationship. You’re wondering:

“What do husbands find attractive in their wives?”

“How can I become sexier for my husband?”

“Do we just have to lose the passion as we grow older?”

No you don’t. 

You can deepen the passion and intimacy in your relationship as you grow stronger together. But it won’t be the hot and short lived kind of passion you experienced at the start of the relationship. 

So what is it that husbands find attractive in their wives? Let’s find out. 



Happiness is contagious.
We love hanging around happy people. We don’t like being around:

If you find yourself:

  • Angry
  • Depressed
  • Grumpy people. 

So how do you become sexier for your husband? Take care of your happiness first. 


Yes. Really.

If you find yourself:

  • Exhausted
  • Lonely
  • Wishing for him to do more in the household

Then stop. You need to re-evaluate how you’re showing up in this relationship. Are you his mother or his lover? You can’t be both. Mothering your husband is exhausting. That’s why you need to shift your priorities and put yourself first. That’s how you become sexier for your husband.

A happy woman is a sexy woman.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

I know it isn’t easy. As women, we’re used to taking care of others and making everyone around us happy. It’s been like that since the beginning of time and these habits can be hard to change.

But if more attraction and joyful connection is what you want to share with your husband then you have to start putting yourself first.

I personally struggled with my self-worth for the majority of my life. Even in our relationship, I put Jachym’s happiness before mine. But it was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in our marriage.

It actually turned me into a bitter and resentful wife where I felt like everything I did must be seen, appreciated and acknowledged by him. Because I was doing all the things to please him. None of it was for my own happiness.

Take it from me, that isn’t the recipe for success in your marriage. It is a ticking time bomb and could even lead to divorce.

Instead, learn what fills your cup. Nourish your being. Give yourself what you need. Be selfish.

By doing that and bringing more joy, fun and lightheartedness into your own life, it will nourish your marriage and bring you that much closer to your husband.




Your feminine energy is sexy. He loves it. That’s why he started dating you and got married to you. But your feminine energy can’t flow if you’re guarding yourself. How is that?

When you put up a wall to protect yourself, you automatically restrict your flow of energy into the world.

When you’re not vulnerable, he can’t feel you. He can’t feel your feminine essence. That, in turn, makes him withdraw from you. Now you feel even more alone which means you withdraw too.

Before you know it, you’re in a sexless marriage. 

What’s the antidote? 

Unguard your heart!

Really. It’s super important for yourself, your wellbeing and for the relationship!

If you don’t know how to do that, we can help you. We’re experts in helping women drop their guards and reconnect to their inner Goddesses that are just waiting to be embraced. Your husband will literally be struggling to keep his hands off you when you tap into your feminine super power.


Being Attracted to Him


Guess what your husband loves?

When he feels that you desire him. You want him and only him. And you want him right now.

It makes you incredibly sexy for your husband. He can feel it by the way you talk and look at him. He can see it in your movement. You can’t fake it.

Do you want to be desired by your husband? Then desire him. 

Some women take that as a greenlight to really pursue him. But like with anything else, you need to be sensitive to his responses. You can’t just throw yourself all over him when you’ve tried that in the past and it backfired. 

Instead, you want to enjoy the game of being pursued and teasing him. Which brings us to the next point.


Allowing Him to Love You


Remember the guarded heart?

Guess what? A guarded heart can’t allow love in. Then you become more lonely because you feel like he doesn’t love you. You want love? Tear down your walls. 

Your husband wants to see how you receive his love. He wants to feel how you melt in his arms as he kisses you. He can’t do that when you don’t allow his love in. You can do all the tips and tricks for becoming sexier for your husband, if you don’t master this one key, they’re useless.

Men are attracted to women who are open to receive.- Natasha Koo

I know this sounds counter-intuitive.

‘Of course we all want to be loved and cherished!’ You might be thinking.

But do you truly deeply with every ounce of you believe that you deserve his unconditional love, attention and care?

Most of us women struggle with receiving without first doing something to ‘earn’ that.

Usually, we feel guilty for getting something without working for it.

We have to put this mindset aside.

From first-hand experience, I struggled with letting Jachym’s love in. A part of me held back because I didn’t want to go ‘too deep’. I was afraid that things wouldn’t work out one day and that it’d all be gone.

I was also so used to only being seen and appreciated when I do something. But just getting loved without any effort? That meant that I was innately worthy of love. A part of me didn’t believe that.

So I had to heal the parts of myself that felt unworthy and imperfect. I had to become a wife who was soft, receptive and welcoming to my husband’s love. And let me tell you, it is one of the secrets that keep the spark sizzling in our marriage.


Giving Yourself to Him

For a man, there’s something incredibly special about the experience of having a woman giving herself to him. It feels like something deep inside of him that wants to be there for this woman gets stirred. He wants to love, cherish and ravish her. 

No looks or methods can compare to the deep attraction that arises in a man when he feels that his woman trusts him to the point that she completely opens herself up. It’s one of the traits that make you incredibly feminine which is so seductive for any man. 

It really can’t be put into words as the experience is deeply energetic. 

You want to know what your husband finds deeply attractive in you as his wife? It’s that deep surrender. He can’t get that anywhere else. No money can buy it. And he knows that he needs to step up to match your surrender with his masculine energy. It’s the only way he can hold you. 

You can forget about all the tips and tricks that make a woman irresistible. As long as you’re holding yourself back energetically, the attraction will be stunted. 

Now that we’ve seen what husbands find attractive in their wives. Let’s find out how you can become sexier for him today. 

How to Become Sexier for Your Husband in 3 Steps

Do you feel like your husband isn’t pursuing you as much anymore as he used to?

Maybe he’s busy at work and you feel left alone. Well, you don’t have to put up with the status quo. You really can turn things around and reignite the spark in your relationship with him. Here are three steps to make you irresistible again. 

If you’d like an in depth breakdown on this, we’ve got the Irresistible Wife Blueprint here.


1. Take Care of Yourself


When are you the most attractive?

It’s when you’re rested, joyful, and full with desire. 

Then why would you try to be more attractive from a place of:

  • Exhaustion
  • Insecurities
  • Lack?

But most women try that. They want to be irresistible because they feel insecure. But they’re going to be irresistible when they stop buying into their insecurities. Becoming sexier for your husband isn’t a question of becoming pretentious, it’s about being at peace with yourself, especially your sexuality.

So how can you get started today?

Make a list of all the things you enjoy and start implementing them on a daily basis. Stop doing everything in the household and start appreciating yourself. Take yourself to the spa with some girl friends. 

It’s the best thing you can do for the relationship! 

Without you being at your best, neither will the relationship be. You’ll be too tired to really enjoy your man’s presence. 

Your sexiness naturally shines when you stop buying into your insecurities.- Jachym Jerie

2. Create a Space of Gratitude and Appreciation


Do you want to be around someone who:

  • Criticizes
  • Blames
  • Attacks
  • Shames you?


You want to be around people who show love, appreciation and gratitude. It’s the same for your husband. Rather than cleaning up after him, start cleaning up how you act towards him. 

Cut out any:

  • Bickering
  • Nagging
  • Blaming

Yes. All of it. 

A relationship is like a flower. You give it sunlight, water and good soil and it will thrive. If you put it into the cellar without water, it will die. It’s the same with your marriage. Give it:

  • Love 
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation 

And it will thrive.

But if you give it the negative communication patterns like nagging and blaming, it will wither. 


Because the first set is grounded in love, the second set is grounded in fears and insecurities. A relationship is a conduit of love, not fear. Let go of your fears and you’ll see your relationship thrive. Your husband will find you so much sexier when you’re showing how much you appreciate him.


3. Let Him Be Your Hero


Men want to be heroes. It’s in their nature. 

We’re built bigger and we naturally gravitate towards protecting our women and family. If you’re busy showing him how ‘independent’ you are, he’ll feel disrespected and useless. That’s not good. You won’t be sexier for your husband. Instead, he’ll feel less of a man. That’s going to lower his testosterone which is vital for his sex drive. 

How do you let him be your hero?

By asking him for his input and his help. 

Men thrive on respect; boys thrive on being mothered. Which one do you want to elicit in your man?- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Instead, let him do some of the heavy lifting. Now, if you’ve trained your husband to not take the lead but follow you, he won’t step up right away. This means you need to stick to your new way of being. 

When he asks for your opinion because you trained him to rely on you all the time, simply say:

“I don’t know. Just do what you think is best. I trust your judgment.”

But here’s a very important key: He’ll start to do things his way and you’ll be unhappy because you don’t like it. Maybe you’re a bit of a control freak and you want things to be done your way.

Whatever you do, don’t tell him he’s doing a bad job. Tell him what he’s done well. Over time you can suggest what you’d like even better. But it’s not coming from a place of ‘I know better.’ It’s coming from a place ‘I’d love it if you do this for me.’ 

That has a very different feel and he’ll notice it. 

By the way, if you’re struggling with letting go of control, you really need to check out our The Cherished Wife Program


Because you can’t have control and intimacy at the same time. They’re opposite of each other. If you keep being controlling, it’ll slowly erode his self-esteem and over time the relationship will die. Don’t let it go that far and take action today. 


How to Look Sexier for Your Husband


Looks aren’t everything, but they can help
. As you know, how you dress changes how your man views you. So how can you dress sexier for your husband? 


How to Dress Sexier for Your Husband


Do you know what your husband finds sexy? 


Then ask. 

How are you going to dress in a way that he finds sexy when you don’t even know what is attractive to him? You can’t. Rather than guess, ask him. It can be as simple as:

I really want to be a great wife to you and I realized that I don’t actually know what clothes you find attractive. Would you mind helping me out? I’d love to start dressing in a way that pleases you. 

If he says that it doesn’t matter to him, don’t give up and let him know that you get that and you’d still like to make an effort for him. 


Be Daring


We’ve covered extensively how important it is to be at ease with yourself. Without it, you won’t be able to give new looks a try. 

But here’s the thing: You can feel like you’re at ease with yourself until you try on some really sexy lingerie. Suddenly you feel uncomfortable. This is where you can really explore where you’re still holding yourself back. Where you aren’t allowing yourself to embrace your femininity fully. Letting go of that inhibition will make you way sexier for your husband because your sexual energy can now flow freely. 

Be daring and try on clothes you’d never wear. See what they bring up in you. Don’t just wear them once. Wear them again and again to really start embracing whatever you aren’t allowed to be. You are, after all, a sexual being and there’s nothing bad or shameful about it. 

Celebrate it!  

You probably have learned by now that attraction in your marriage isn’t just about ‘putting the sexy on’.

You and your partner are together because you have something special to begin with. And that spark is based on you, your true authentic sexy self.

'These aren't sexy!' a wife realizes about her behavior after learning what makes her more attractive to her husband. How to Become Sexier for Your Husband 3 Simple Steps

This might mean that you have to forget all that you know about intimacy and attraction from magazines or what you overheard from your besties.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to become more irresistible to your man, then download our free Irresistible Wife Blueprint. It will set you up for a hot and sexy marriage that feels natural.

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