How to Be More Feminine For My Husband

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We might not be Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson, but we do want to reel our partner in with our femininity.

Deep down we want that spark and romance. The feeling that our husband only has eyes for us.

If you’re wondering ‘what’s the formula on how to be more feminine for my husband?’, then this article is perfect for you.

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Keep reading to find out what it really means to bring that beautiful, fluid feminine energy into your marriage.

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What Does It Mean to Be Feminine? 

Do you need to stay at home, cook, and do the laundry to be considered feminine?

Hell no. 

You can’t stereotype a cluster of behavior and believe that it’ll make you feminine. No, being feminine is an energy. It’s something that you feel inside of you and then express it. From that expression comes your behaviors, but the power lies not in the behavior itself; it lies within the energy you feel in your body.

Now, just to be clear, every person has both masculine and feminine energies inside of them. However, we usually have a dominant energy. For most people, it overlaps with their gender. For some, it doesn’t. We’re addressing the women here who’s dominant energy is the feminine one. 

The feminine energy doesn’t care what people think.- Natasha Koo

What Makes a Woman Feminine?


A woman is feminine when she acknowledges, embraces, and expresses her feminine energy. 

As a consequence, that means that she has let go of:

  • Stereotypes
  • Trying to conform
  • Holding herself back
  • Her insecurities

You can’t fully step into your feminine energy when you allow these things to guide you. No, what needs to be your guide is the energy inside of you, not your insecurities.

Women who do that become more:

  • Radiant
  • Joyful
  • Sexy
  • Happy

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What Are Examples of Feminine Energy?


So what exactly is this mysterious feminine energy?

The feminine energy is something you can connect with experientially. We’ll cover how you can do that later on. But for now, here are some characteristics of the feminine energy. It:

  • Let’s itself go
  • Flows through life
  • Enjoys the moment
  • Creates life
  • Surrenders to what is

These are just a few of the qualities the feminine energy has. But we encourage you to not get hung up on them. Instead, you want to explore it for yourself. You want to find out how it tastes so that you know when you’re connected to it and when you’re disconnected. That will serve you more, rather than trying to make your mind understand it.

If anything, your mind will never understand feminine energy. You can only know it by living it. 

Many women have embraced the masculine at the expense of their feminine energy.- Jachym Jerie


Why Being Feminine Is Important


As women have emancipated themselves from the stereotypical gender roles, they also started to discount their feminine core.

Nowadays, many women are looked down on when they choose to not pursue a career and instead be stay-at-home moms. We’ve effectively exchanged one ideal (stay-at-home mom) with another ideal (be a superwoman). 

The feminine energy doesn’t care about ideals. It cares about being free to express itself. But because of emancipation, women suppress this freedom. Instead, they often adopt more masculine traits because they believe it’ll help them in their careers.


Personal Cost

Not nourishing your feminine core comes at a price. You’ll get:

  • Depleted
  • Less joyful
  • Unhappy
  • Dissatisfied

Why is being feminine important? Because by respecting your own femininity, you’re not going against your innate desires. Instead, you embrace yourself, and with it you become:

  • Rejuvenated
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Whole

It simply feels right and wholesome inside of you. You’re not putting your system under constant stress to live outside of its strength.


Relationship Dissatisfaction


Not respecting your feminine essence doesn’t just come at a price for yourself, it also comes at a price in your relationships.

When you go into your masculine energy, your man naturally will step into his feminine. Then both of you are living against your design. The consequences are:

  • Depolarization of the relationship (spark goes out the window)
  • You don’t trust your man
  • You feel like you have to do it all
  • You resent your man for being weak
  • Both of you are unhappy but don’t know what to do about it

Being more feminine for your husband is crucial for the relationship’s vitality. Without it, you’ll end up being the controlling wife. That’s a tough place to be. 


Because the harder you try, the more you push your husband away. If you’re tired of this dynamic, then let us help you bridge the gap between you and your partner. You can be an incredible soul team again, you just need to know how.

Opening yourself up to each moment is sacred.-  Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Environmental Imbalance


Last but not least, is that the feminine energy is very much needed in today’s world. We’re exploiting the planet’s resources so that companies are more profitable. This profit-driven approach is very masculine. It’s about getting to the goal no matter what.

By not having a more inclusive and wider perspective that measures success beyond just the bottom line, we’re running a very short term game. That’s why the feminine energy is needed. She can balance out the overly masculine-driven corporate environment.

As you can see, the importance of living from your feminine core isn’t a small thing. It could have far-reaching positive consequences. 

But since we’re a relationship blog, let’s refocus and bring the topic back to you and your husband. 


Why Is a Feminine Wife Attractive?

Just like two opposite poles of a magnet draw each other in, being feminine attracts the masculine.

Your man won’t be able to keep his fingers off you when you become more feminine. But most women don’t realize how powerful their feminine energy is. They see it as useless.


Because it’s not an energy that’s in active pursuit of things most of the time. Instead, it’s like the sun, it pulls everything into its orbit. A truly feminine woman is irresistible to her husband. That’s how magnetic it is. 

To put it bluntly: men are attracted to women. The masculine is attracted to the feminine. It’s by design. 

Now that we know that, the question becomes: what can you do to be more feminine for your husband?

How Can I Be a More Feminine Wife?

Here’s a simple truth:

You already are feminine. You don’t need to do anything to be more feminine. It’s not like there’s some secret drink you can have that will make you more feminine. It’s not about becoming more feminine, but rather looking at what’s getting in the way of you being connected to your femininity.


How Do I Connect With My Femininity?

Let’s look at the few culprits that get in the way of you naturally being connected to your femininity:

Social Conditioning


You’re raised within a society and hence you have to know what’s acceptable and unacceptable behavior within your environment. But our social conditioning often goes too far. We instill fear, shame, and guilt in our children. These emotions aren’t conducive to being fully connected to your femininity. Instead, they make you want to stay away from that part of yourself.

Nowadays, certain feminine qualities are looked down upon and therefore you don’t want to exhibit them even if you’re drawn to them. So what do you do about it?


You question all the beliefs you have about what it means to be a woman, including what you should and shouldn’t do.

2. Ideologies

There’s something really strange about us human beings. We can subscribe ourselves to an ideology and it overshadows everything. We deny our natural instincts because of that ideology.
When you question what it means to be a feminine woman, you might fall into the trap of going the opposite way. 

You start creating a new ideology about the issue. Now you’re trapped in your own thought construct which does the same thing as the social conditioning: it inhibits your natural expression of your feminine energy. 


Connect to your body. Your feminine energy is the easiest to access through your body. The body can’t make up ideas about what you should or shouldn’t be. No, it’s raw and real. Listen to it and the subtle energies that run through it. 

You’re innately feminine. Just stop listening to your fears and insecurities.- Natasha Koo

3. Fears and Insecurities

Now we’re really coming to the heart of the issue:

Your feminine energy is blocked by your fears and insecurities. You don’t want to be perceived a certain way, so you block yourself from being fully expressive. These fears and insecurities pretend to be your best friend. They’re ‘keeping you safe.’ But the truth is, they really aren’t. They’re keeping you stuck in the same place.

If you really want to be more feminine for your husband, you want to shed these protective mechanisms and fully step into your power as a woman.


Become emotionally honest with yourself. Find out what you’re afraid of and work with it. Rather than trying to get rid of these things, question them and see them for what they really are. The clearer your insight is, the less these things have a hold over you.

4. Trauma

We all have some traumas as we grow up.
They often can get stuck in our body which can lead to chronic pain and other ailments. Many women hold a lot of trapped energy in their pelvic area. It impacts everything they do. You can’t be more feminine for your husband when you’re holding all of this trapped energy.

Your pelvis needs to be open, free, and receptive. That’s how your feminine energy can flow freely through your entire being. 


Work with your body. Feel how it responds to your own touch. You really want to feel into your pelvis and your womb and see if you can get a sense for how it feels. If you’re serious about doing this work, please reach out to us.

Above are the four thieves of your feminine energy and what you can do about them. The work is deep and powerful. It takes a real commitment to stop hiding from your feminine energy. Once you’re connected with your feminine energy, you’ll be ready to bring it into your relationship with your husband.


How to Be in Your Feminine Energy With Your Husband


It happens to all of us…

We think we have already taken care of an issue just for it to flare back up in our intimate relationship. It’s very common. Which is why the proof of our work always lies within living life. You can be all blissed out by yourself, but what happens when you become occupied with your life with your husband and things don’t go your way?

That’s when you really know how strongly rooted you’ve become in your feminine energy. So how can you be in your feminine energy with your husband?

The more you surrender to your feminine energy, the more your husband is called into his masculine energy.- Jachym Jerie


1. Have a Baseline

If you don’t know how it feels to be connected to your feminine core, you won’t know when you’re not connected to it. That’s why you need a baseline.

It’s incredible to be a woman both physically and the power which it brings. But in order to tap into this energy, you have to clear things up within yourself first, then you know how wonderful it feels.

As you engage with your husband, you’ll notice when you get off track. When you’re truly connected to your femininity, it is an absolute gift for your partner and the relationship.


2. Trust

Being feminine with your husband requires you to trust him. The more feminine you become, the more he’s called into his masculine energy.
Many women are afraid of letting go of control.

(Hint: the more you’ve addressed your fears and insecurities, the less this becomes an issue).

We know that you are strong, confident and independent. But when you try to maintain too much control in the relationship, this can backfire.

For example, your partner can be repelled and stay away because you’re giving him the signal that you don’t need him. Your expectations have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Something’s got to give. Let go and surrender to the moment. Let yourself be carried away. Your husband might have a learning curve at first. But without you giving him the chance, he’ll never step up. 


3. See Your Husband in His Strength

Your husband is capable. He is a strong man. You didn’t choose the wrong guy. But if your dynamic has been off, you’ve started to experience his boyish side.
It may take a bit of effort to change your perspective of him and see that he truly is someone you can trust.

Make a habit of seeing all the things he does well. See where his genius lies. Appreciate that and you’re on your way to being more and more capable of letting go in his presence and showing him your feminine side. 

4. Let Go And Enjoy

The more joyful you are, the less you’re obsessed with trying to control things. 


Because being joyful requires you to be in the moment. Control, on the other hand, is driven by your mind. The more you can get immersed in the moment with your husband, the more you’ve let go.

It’s an easy and effortless way of connecting to your feminine energy in the presence of your husband.


5. Express Your Desires

Your husband wants to see you happy. He wants to see that you’re fulfilled and satisfied. He also wants to know that he’s contributing to that.

Your feminine energy enjoys the moment. It has desires.

Listen to them and express them. That’s how your husband can contribute to your happiness. And you get to be more fully in your feminine essence by simply voicing what you deeply desire. 


6. Let Him Lead

What’s the antidote of being controlling? 

It’s to let someone lead. Let your husband take care of you. As you express your desires, let him take care of it. He won’t do it perfectly, but he’ll get better. The more you see how much he does want to see you thrive, the more you can let go. Do you see how it becomes an upward spiral when you relax deeper into your feminine energy and he steps more into his masculine side?

That’s exactly what’s possible for you when you join our The Cherished Wife Program

Feminine energy can only radiate outward when you stop trying to protect yourself.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie


How to Radiate Feminine Energy 


You don’t want to just be connected to your feminine energy. You want to radiate out into the world. In other words, you want it to flow freely and fully and be expressed in every moment. 

How do you do that?

It’s In Your Body


The more deeply you can feel the energies within you, the easier it becomes to stay true to your feminine essence. If you want to radiate feminine energy into the world, you need to start with your body.

Here’s how:


Celebrate Your Sensuality

The feminine energy loves life. She loves all five senses. The richness and depth of simply being here and now. Celebrate that you’re a sensual being. Start paying attention to the:

  • Food you eat
  • The clothes you wear
  • The sights you see
  • Sensations in your body
  • Pleasure of hearing

All of these things are really enjoyable when you stop taking them for granted. When you start appreciating your senses and your sensuality, every moment becomes a miracle. 


Celebrate Your Sexuality


So much shame and guilt is piled up around the topic of sex. That leads women to not allow themselves to be sexy. But one of the traits of the feminine energy is sexiness. You can’t unleash your inner Goddess until you embrace your sexuality.

But that’s not enough. You really want to celebrate it. It’s amazing how much pleasure you can feel and there’s nothing wrong with wanting and feeling it. When you drop the shame and guilt around sex, your body becomes free to move and express itself in ways it wasn’t allowed to before.


Let Your Every Move Express Your Joy

Combining both sensuality and sexuality is a great first step to become a radiantly feminine woman. The radiance really comes from dropping the resistance to being expressive in all of who you are in each moment.

As long as you keep the energy to yourself, it can’t flow through you and into the world. A woman who’s at peace with her femininity is a woman who allows herself to be seen and uplifted by the people around her. 

Being a wife who receives fully and is nourished by her husband and home is no small feat. Most people roam this planet with their hearts closed and guarded, unwilling to truly feel how great love can be.

By tapping into your feminine energy, not only will you revitalize your own life, it will enliven your marriage.

There’s great power in getting in touch with your femininity. When you do, we promise that your relationship will flourish and bring about a deeper dynamic that connects you and your partner further.

'Is this attractive?' a wife wonders as she tries to be more feminine for her husband. How to Be More Feminine For My Husband

It requires your courage and commitment to take this deep dive and reveal your feminine self. If you want our support to unleash your inner goddess then join our Cherished Wife Program where we guide you to the marriage of your dreams.

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