Work With Us for 3 Months And Never Have the Same Arguments Again.

Want a successful marriage that’s filled with love, understanding and passion? 


 Then stay with me – this short story is important…

My gut tied into a knot. It was happening again:
We were fighting.
As usual, it was going nowhere.


After hours of discussion Jachym stormed off leaving me all alone. 
I broke down in tears as my heart was ripped apart.

What has happened to us? We’ve become unrecognizable.

Is there any love left? Could we really not fix this?

I tried everything and nothing worked.


I just wanted to have the relationship we used to have.

One that was filled with love, laughter, and joy. Just like back in the honeymoon where we’d gaze into each other’s eyes and would lose track of time. 
But how could we ever get there again if we keep fighting? How could we ever passionately make love with each other when we’re so hurt? 
We couldn’t. And I knew it. 
So we considered divorce, we were headed that way with no other solution in sight.

But one crucial thing turned everything around. 

I stopped trying to protect myself.
It wasn’t even planned. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
I helplessly shared everything with Jachym. I thought I had screwed up.
But I didn’t.
Jachym finally saw me and my pain. And it changed everything.
I started showing up differently in our relationship which led us to:
  • Being deeply in love again
  • Having an argument-free marriage
  • Feeling deeply attracted to each other
 We’ve distilled the secrets of our relationship success to create:

A Step by Step High-Value, High-Touch Mentorship Program Designed To Help You Have a Deeply Intimate and Joyful Marriage Again.


We Get It. 


You’re worried that you might lose your husband and then have to start all over again trying to find someone new. 
It’s so painful to have to start your life from scratch. And what if you can’t find anyone else? 
And yet, you’re getting deeply hurt on a regular basis, feeling like he doesn’t get you and that the relationship is falling apart. 
You’re exhausted from trying and don’t know what to do anymore. Is this marriage even salvageable?

Have you ever thought…

  • Why is he so distant?
  • Why doesn’t he really listen to me?
  • Why doesn’t he support me?
  • Why can’t he get me?


  • Why can’t I make it work?
  • Are we still compatible?
  • Is something wrong with me?
  • Maybe I just can’t have a happy relationship.

Deep down…

You know it can’t go on like this.

You can’t bring up certain topics without causing a shit-storm. Your confidence in yourself and your relationship is fading.
How are you ever going to find yourself having a relationship with your husband that’s deeply satisfying when you have to walk on eggshells around each other?
Stop hoping and praying that it’ll get better by itself. It won’t.
You’ve waited long enough for him to change, but he still hasn’t.

From our decades of coaching work, marital problems don’t magically fix themselves.

That’s why we’ve condensed our knowledge down into this signature program so that we can help you get the marriage you deserve!

Whatever you do…


Please don’t waste your precious time trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

You and your relationship deserves more than a half-hearted band-aid solution. 

Not only will you not get to the root of the problems but you’ll be missing out on precious time where you could take the RIGHT action and reignite what you once had. 
If you’re not careful, you might actually make it worse.
Just think of all the love, attention, and deep connection you’ll be missing out on because you’ve not given yourself the support you needed. 
There’s literally a whole new world of intimacy and connection that’s possible for you when you finally know how to navigate your relationship.

But not all coaching solutions are the same!


You won’t find the highly specialized solutions you need in generic therapy and counseling. You don’t need any help or advice. You want THE KEY to make your relationship work.

(Our clients have said that they get more out of one coaching session with us than from decades of other change-work. Sometimes that one breakthrough is what you need to change the whole trajectory of your relationship.) 

You want to save your marriage and turn things around fast?
For that, you need specific coaching from a specialist catered to your current situation. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Rescue My Marriage! 

Go from enemies to soulmates!

  • Never let another fight get between you and your partner.
  • Heal from past hurts and repair the trust in yourself, your marriage and your spouse.
  • Learn to draw out the Hero in him and watch him step up, take initiative and pamper you, all without you asking! 
This doesn’t have to be the beginning of a divorce.
It’s never too late to go from strangers to soulmates again.
Learn the 3 keys cherished wives have to go from the brink of divorce to feeling deeply connected and understood, all without asking their husband to change!



Apply our Harmonious Love Formula and be forever fight-proof.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess and become irresistible to your husband again.

Get Inside Your Man’s Brain and reignite your soulmate connection.

Our step-by-step system teaches you… 

  • How you can break the cycle of the never-ending arguments
  • Reignite the intimacy, love, and passion you once had.
  • Even if your husband is unwilling to work on it.
Our Signature Coaching Program

The Cherished Wife

The Proven Step-By-Step System

#1 Harmonious Love Formula

  • Take your communication skills to the next level and know exactly what to do when things get heated.
  • Learn the key to stop the cycle of anger, blame, fights and regret and watch how you two transform into a fight-proof power couple!
  • Discover how to re-establish the natural equilibrium between man and woman so that you empower each other rather than getting drained.

#2 Unleash Your Inner Goddess

  • Reconnect to your sexy confident self and see how it magnetically draws your husband back to you with 10x more desire and attraction.

  • Learn to receive his love and attention while letting go of blame, shame and guilt.

  • Discover how you can unlock your feminine superpower that makes him make you a priority again. 

#3 Get Inside Your Man’s Brain

  • Rediscover your soulmate connection by understanding what makes him tick and what he wants as a guy.

  • Bust the myth that you aren’t compatible and feel the peace when you finally ‘get’ each other again.

  • Uncover the keys that make him more passionate and intimate with you. 


You’ll know how to become 10x more attractive to your man, work through obstacles together, and have everything you need to create an Exceptional Relationship that stands the test of time.
Imagine how good it feels to say, “our marriage is even better than the honeymoon!” 
Don’t Just Take My Word For it! 

Listen to what people have to say…

Before our coaching, I was feeling very overwhelmed and unfulfilled in my life and relationship. I felt like my life was running me, instead of me enjoying it. As a result of our coaching, I was able to have a safe space where I could reflect, heal, and grow as an individual. This resulted in me developing a deeper and more confident relationship with myself, which in turn, improved my relationship with my husband.
The feature I loved most about our coaching was that Jachym was attentive, patient, and graceful with helping me discover my inner truth and power. I loved that after our sessions Jachym would send me audios that would help me reflect on and integrate concepts we had explored in our session. Three other benefits of our coaching include: increased confidence in my ability to navigate difficult emotions, more fulfilling relationship with myself and others, and a greater sense of purpose in my life. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Jachym. As a result of our coaching, I have improved my marriage, started pursuing my dreams of being a life coach, and feel more fulfilled and clear about my hearts desires than ever before. I would describe coaching with Jachym as a gentle journey of unfolding. Jachym helps you discover that the root of a great life and love is within. He is gentle, yet helped me create boundaries, dream bigger, and move towards the feelings I desired, even when I felt stuck. I will forever be grateful for his coaching, it truly has changed my life, and my ability to love myself and others. – Tamara Müller
I contacted Jachym for help on conflicts in my relationships. Within a few sessions, we were able to identify the truths that I needed to question. I like how he keeps on continually challenging the things that are bothering me. The coaching even forced me to heal from the past pains that greatly improved my relationships. If there are things that are bothering you from unleashing your full potential, I highly recommend going through his sessions. – Julia Williams
The coaching enables you to fully explore limiting beliefs in a bold and honest way. This is the only way I believe that lasting transformation can be achieved at a fundamental level. 
1.  It enabled me to start to see my true potential in other things. 2. I trusted Jachym as he was completely authentic. 3. It had a lasting impact.
I would strongly recommend Jachym as a Coach. I have various coaching experiences in my life and by far this is the most transformative. It has enabled me to move forward… and I am much happier for it!
I would describe Jachym’s coaching as Challenging!, Bold, Authentic, Supported, Appropriate– Michelle Lowe
Natasha has a gift for tuning into her heart, using metaphors and doodles, to connect you to your inner buddha. She feels intuitively what is under the surface, and expresses it to you in colorful innate clarity with her vibrant energy and upbeat voice. After one of our sessions, my energy levels would always be rocking high, even when working on deep emotions or issues. She opens the door to your inner intuition, helping you find the answers yourself. It is like being accompanied by a smiling angel, holding your hand as you take the first steps on a journey of self discovery. Jachym is the yang to her ying. As he shoots questions at you in his gentle voice, and calm demeanour, you feel at ease and in a space of complete trust, and are able to answer truthfully; working deeper and deeper at your own pace, without pressure. They form a complementary team, offering both creative and analytical approach to self development. I would recommend anyone in need of figuring out their next steps, to work with them both.– Estelle Lacour
Before working with Jachym and Natasha, I was feeling overwhelmed and confused. 
After only two calls, I was able to get some clarity on what I needed to take action. I found out what I truly want and I could connect to my heart without holding myself back. I feel such peace and confidence in what I want and what to do next.
I feel like I’m not stay stuck in the same place anymore. I can go for my dreams and listen to my heart. And I can take my steps.
I highly recommend to work with Natasha and Jachym if you’re in a similar situation in which I was. You’ll have a great experience and a huge change.– Erika Schwartz
I simply loved the container Natasha created for us. It was such a safe space to share our story and our journey together. I find myself being more calm and positive. I am also allowing myself to take better care of myself, take down time, and not feel guilty when I indulge in self care. I have started paying more attention to living for myself versus fulfilling others’ expectations of me. I think your services are sooo required in today’s world, especially for women who are busy, overwhelmed and frustrated with the way things are going in their life. Working with you will really help them to go deeper, and start living with more intention. – Avni Palekar


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