Jáchym Jerie and Natasha Koo are the creators of the Exceptional Relationship Formula™ which is a unique process that removes drama from your relationship and brings back intimacy, love, and connection.

About Natasha and Jáchym:

Three Reasons You Should Not Be Here 

We’re Natasha and Jáchym Jerie.
What brought you to this page? Right, you probably want to know about us!
We’ve been together for a decade and married for six years. We’ve experimented with our relationships in all kinds of ways (that almost broke it, but more on that later).
      We tried:
  • Long-distance relationship
  • Open relationship
  • Semi-open relationship (only one partner can do what they want)
  • Polyamorous relationship
  • Closed relationship
Now we’re firmly settled in a deeply committed monogamous relationship. It’s been the best version we’ve ever had.
Oh, and we’re traveling around the globe while we help couples transform their struggling relationships into exceptional ones.
That’s a good start, right?
But is it really why you’re on this page?
Aren’t you wondering about this:
Are those two worth my time and attention?
For many readers, our answer is NO.
Here’s why:

1. We cannot save your relationship, only you can.

Somehow people think that when they see a coach or a counselor to change their relationship, the coach will do the heavy lifting. 
We get it. We’ve hired coaches thinking that just showing up to the sessions was enough. It wasn’t. Our relationship only changed drastically when we stepped up ourselves.
We’re not here to make temporary changes but long-term shifts that save your marriage. An exceptional relationship takes a continuous engagement. Even when we don’t feel like it, we still show up for each other.

An exceptional relationship takes an exceptional commitment.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

2. If you’re looking for an easy way, you won’t enjoy our stuff.

It’s uncomfortable.
Difficult at times.
Relationships take commitment. Not just once but everyday. When you hope for an easy way out, you’ll run away when it’s time to face the issues you’ve sweeped under the carpet your whole life. 
Yes, this means that everything needs to be faced. Even the stuff you’ve buried for decades. 
We’re only working with people who are ready to fully commit: both to the process and the incredible transformations to come.
Our work isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a serious financial, energy, and time commitment from you. If you’re not willing to do that, walk away. 
Be prepared to put in 10 times the effort you think is required. The results will be worth it though.

3. If you want to avoid your problems, we don’t want to help you.

Is it possible to work with people like that? Yes. But we refuse to do so. Why?
Because when someone shows up with this attitude, what they’re saying is:
  • I’d like to have an amazing relationship but I’d like to stay the way I am right now.
  • I have no responsibility in this relationship and it’s all my partners fault. Only if they’d change! 
  • We just need to fix a few things here and there.
Look, creating an Exceptional Relationship isn’t child’s play. You have to be ready to: 
  • Throw everything you believe you know overboard.
  • Take a deep dive into your own dysfunctional patterns. 
  • Realize how your current behaviors are impacting you, your relationship, and your partner.

A relationship can either be a place of deep wounding or deep healing.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Those things are uncomfortable to face. We get it. It wasn’t nice for us either. 
That’s why we provide a strong guiding hand while holding a safe and compassionate environment for you.
It’s the only way we work.
You’re still here? Good. 

What to Expect From Us

Our main focus is to turn your relationship around and make it filled with love, connection, passion and intimacy. How? By using our Exceptional Relationship Formula™.

1. We provide you with clear and actionable information (for free) to improve your relationship today.

2. We’ll provide further support by offering you to work with us.

Why do we do that? 
We like to demonstrate that we know what we’re talking about by giving you really valuable resources today.
By trying those out, you’ll go: ‘Wow, that’s been really good. Let me see what their offers can do for me.’
Why? There’s a ton of information out there about how to improve your relationship. Is it helpful? Yes.
Will it radically transform your relationship? No. 
The fastest and best results are achieved when someone can point out our blind spots. If you aren’t aware of what you’re doing you can’t change it. It’s those blind spots that have the biggest impact on your relationship.

How Do I Know Your Offers Are Any Good?

The best thing you can do is consume our free material like our articles, videos, and podcasts. If you like those, sign up for our free in-depth material this Essential Guide:

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If you like what we’ve offered so far, you’ll love our programs. 
If you don’t, you won’t like our programs either. 
What we offer isn’t for everyone.

You’re the creator of your relationship, if you want to change it, it starts with you. Always.- Natasha & Jachym Jerie

Here’s What We’ll Help You With Specifically

Our main focus is to turn your relationship around and make it filled with love, connection, passion and intimacy. How?
By using our Exceptional Relationship Formula™.
What’s the Exceptional Relationship Formula™ that we’ve created? It’s a fancy way of saying, “A marriage-saving strategy that leads you to long-lasting love, passion and intimacy.”
It is, in our experience, the most effective route to a successful relationship.
We also focus on vision co-creation – which is a really fancy way of saying, “Having the know-how to thrive in any challenges and creating a dream life together as a united power couple.”
We do this by showing you the best way to dissolve past hurts and misunderstandings so that your marriage has a solid foundation of respect and trust.

The Exceptional Relationship Formula™ takes away the guess-work and puts your marriage on track for more intimacy, love and connection.

Here’s What to Do Next

Go to our blog and read some of our free articles.
If you like them, sign up for our free Essential Guide (below).
If that helps you further, consider applying to work with us with the form below.

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