11 Signs Your Husband Wants to Leave You

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Divorce doesn’t happen out of nowhere, though it might just seem that it does. There are signs along the way that your husband wants to leave you before he actually takes action. 

So what are these signs? Let’s dive in to find out. Please be aware that one sign alone isn’t enough to show that he wants to leave you. You want to look out for multiple signs. 


Because he could just be having a hard time in life and you’d get similar signs from him. So don’t jump to conclusions right away. Instead, take these signs as an indication that you might want to take action and not wait any longer. 

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1. He Has Expressed Often That He’s Unhappy


Prolonged relationship dissatisfaction leads eventually to divorce. Here’s why:

He stops seeing the value of being together with you. Why would you want to stay with someone if you aren’t looking forward to spending time with them? You wouldn’t. 

If your husband has expressed that he’s unhappy with:

  • Your sex life
  • How you communicate
  • How you treat him 
  • What you two have become

It shows that your marriage is in danger. You left these things unchecked and one day he’ll have enough and pull the trigger. You don’t want to let it go this far. We can help you before it’s too late.

2. He’s Emotionally Distant


Relationships need connection. Without connection, it’ll fall apart. So if your husband has become cold, distant, and disconnected from you, it’s a warning sign. 

A marriage is supposed to lift you up, empower you, make you feel like your life is better because you are together. That can’t happen when he’s withdrawn. Emotional distance will eventually lead to separation, if not from him, then from you. After all, you want to feel like he’s there for you and that he loves you. 


3. He Is Having An Affair 

People don’t just cheat out of nowhere.
It’s usually a sign that something isn’t right.

It can be that:

  • Something is missing in the relationship
  • He has left an aspect of himself outside of your relationship and is rediscovering it through the attention of other women
  • He’s sexually frustrated 

Whatever the reason, cheating can truly break a marriage for good.


4. He Has No Interest in Having Sex With You


Physical intimacy is a vital component for most marriages.

Without it, couples quickly become roommates. That’s a far cry from what you used to feel which is:

  • Desire
  • Passion
  • Longing

Do you really think you don’t want to feel this again? Or that he doesn’t want to feel it? Of course he does. And if he doesn’t find it in the marriage, he will find it somewhere else. Does this mean that the marriage has to stay at the honeymoon stage forever?


But it does mean that the relationship has to deepen and needs to become more rewarding than those initial highs. 

5. Affection And Appreciation Are Gone

It’s natural to show affection and appreciation to someone when you are in a fulfilling relationship. But when you don’t feel nourished by your partner, these things can drop by the wayside.

This again shows that the relationship is in trouble and that he isn’t happy in it. The more he distances himself from you, the more likely it is that the relationship stops working completely. So watch out for this as it may signal that your husband wants to leave you. 

He may just be done trying.  


6. He Speaks Badly About You to Other People


You won’t talk badly about your partner to others. 

It just shows that you’re unhappy and displeased. Now, we all might need some venting here and there, but that’s far from speaking badly about your partner. You know that you just have to blow off some steam. 

If he speaks badly about you to other people, guess what kind of image he has of you in his head… not a very pleasant one. That in turn will then determine how he treats you, how attracted he is to you, and ultimately whether he wants to stay with you or not. 

A divorce always starts in the mind.


7. He’s Changed His Behavior About Money


When your husband wants to leave you, he has to make sure he’s set up for his new life. One of those signs that he’s starting to make a move is when he’s changing his behavior about money.

Maybe he’s suddenly getting interested in saving more into his own account. Whatever the change is, be wary if these come with some of the other signs we have mentioned here


8. He’s Starting to Invest More in His Appearance


If he starts to care about his appearance more, he might be entering the dating field again. Some men like to have another woman secured before they jump ship. So be aware of him suddenly:

  • Having to work out
  • Buying new clothes
  • Caring too much about his hair

The sudden interest in wanting to look more attractive could be rooted in wanting to attract a new woman. 


9. You Have Found Evidence That He’s Talking to a Divorce Attorney


Well, this one is an obvious one. 

If you find that he’s been googling for a divorce attorney or around divorce in general, you want to be really careful. By the time he gets a divorce attorney, most other things might already be in place for him to make the move. 


10. He Starts to Avoid Your Questions and Is Secretive


Divorcing isn’t a small feat.

You have to:

  • Make sure you’re financially stable
  • Have a flat to live in
  • Get going with all the paperwork
  • Take into consideration when to move your stuff
  • Have plans on what you’re going to do now that you’re divorced

It entails a whole bunch of planning and running errands. If he becomes all secretive about what he’s doing during the day, it could show that he might be getting things done to get a divorce. 

Now, don’t be one of those girls who goes all crazy thinking he wants a divorce when in reality, he’s planning your surprise birthday party. Which is why we stress to not take one sign out of context, especially if you have a history of assuming the worst all the time. 


11. He Stopped Talking About the Future You Want to Have Together

A relationship is a continuous journey that needs reevaluation:

  • Where do we want to be in 10 years? 
  • What kind of things do we want to experience together? 
  • Are you happy with where we are at?

These are all relevant and important questions. If your husband stops caring about your future, it isn’t a good sign. He may have checked out of the marriage or life. So take this sign to heart and have a conversation with him. See what’s really going on. 

Walking around with the thoughts that your husband wants to leave you is difficult. You really don’t want to stay in the dark for a long time. It’ll eat away at you.

So rather than wait for things to happen one way or the other, we encourage you to become proactive. The fact that you’re reading this article means one thing: you feel something isn’t right.

'What's brewing?' a wife wonders as she notices signs that her husband might leave her. 11 Signs Your Husband Wants to Leave You

Listen to that. 

Take action and look after your relationship. We can help you create the marriage of your dreams even if you feel like it’s hopeless and your husband has no interest in seeing someone to get help. Just head over here to book a relationship reboot call with us now.

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