10 Signs of an Unromantic Husband

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After being together for a while now, things just feel stale.

Your husband doesn’t surprise you with romantic gestures anymore.

You hate to admit it, but sometimes you even spend your weekday dinners in front of the T.V., barely acknowledging each other.

Is this normal or is your husband just unromantic?

Keep reading to find out the 10 signs of an unromantic husband and whether your relationship has taken an unromantic turn.

You either choose love or your fears and insecurities, you can’t choose bothNatasha Koo and Jachym Jerie

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1. He Never Takes You Out


What’s more romantic than going out together? 

You don’t have to plan the meal nor wash the dishes. Everything is taken care of and the ambiance is filled with love. It’s these small getaways that can strengthen the relationship and allow you to really be with each other.


But if your husband is rarely taking you out, he probably isn’t as romantic as you. But he might have other ways of showing his love to you.


2. He Forgets Special Dates


Special dates like your birthday and wedding anniversary are opportunities to show to you that you really matter to him. If he forgets these dates, it’s a sign that he is unromantic. However, they are not signs that he doesn’t care about you. 

Natasha and I haven’t celebrated a single wedding anniversary since we’ve been married. It’s not that we don’t love each other, we simply don’t consider it necessary to celebrate the date when we tied the knot.


3. He Doesn’t Make an Effort to See You Smile


There’s nothing quite like seeing the person you love happy. It’s heart-warming. Making an effort to see your partner smile isn’t just a sign about whether he’s romantic or not. It’s also a sign that he really cares about you and your well-being. 

Suppose your husband doesn’t make an effort to brighten your day. In that case, you may have started living parallel lives rather than creating one together. But don’t worry, even if that’s the case, you still can turn things around.

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In our flagship Cherished Wife Program, we show you how to Unleash Your Inner Goddess. It’ll make you instantly desirable and attractive to your husband. So much so that he’ll want to be your knight in shining armor and be more romantic with you.

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4. He’s Constantly on His Phone

There’s nothing that zaps the romance out of a relationship as quickly as electronic devices. Watching TV, playing video games, and being constantly on your phone are terrible habits that don’t foster connection, love, and passion.

Why is that?

Because you need to be present with each other if you want to appreciate each other. Your husband might not be romantic because he simply isn’t paying attention to you. Does this mean that you need to get rid of his phone? 

No, you simply can become irresistible to the point where he doesn’t care about the phone. After all, you’re real. What’s happening on the phone isn’t. You can click here, to get your irresistible wife blueprint now.

5. He Doesn’t Make You a Priority


What’s romance?

It’s a sign that the person you care about is special to you. While there are all kinds of ways your husband can show that you’re important to him, making you a priority sends a clear message. 

When he only has eyes for you and is totally with you, you know that you matter. If your husband isn’t doing that right now, it could be a sign that he has another love language. He might show his love through giving you gifts or through physical touch. 

Your husband being not romantic in the way you expect him to be, doesn’t mean he isn’t romantic at all. You simply might have a mismatch in how you express love to each other.

6. He Never Surprises You


You open the door, candles are lit and the floor has rose petals all over it. You hear your favorite song softly playing from the stereo across the room. Your husband greets you with a big smile and a glass of champagne in his hands. 

When’s the last time your husband did something for you like this? Probably a long time. It’s these gestures that can make your week. But look, just because he isn’t doing this for you right now, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. 

In The Cherished Wife Program, we show you how you can get inside your man’s brain. Your husband actually wants to see you happy. He wants to please you. But most women don’t know how to unlock this desire in their man. 

We’ve got the blueprint for you. You don’t have to figure it all out. Just head over here to secure your spot now

A Cherished Wife knows how to draw her man closer.Jachym Jerie


7. He Doesn’t Make an Effort to Understand Your World


He can’t be romantic to you if he doesn’t know what you find romantic.

It’s that simple. 

He might not seem romantic and not make an effort to understand your inner world because he lacks the blueprint.

For example, Natasha doesn’t really care about candle-light dinners. But she does care about going out with me and having some time to ourselves. She loves when we talk for hours about what’s on our mind. It’s the quality time for the two of us that she values; the environment doesn’t matter as much.

Your husband could be not romantic because he doesn’t realize that he hasn’t been asking you the right questions. That’s why he needs you to voice your desires. He can’t read your mind and if he isn’t asking, he’ll never know.

Getting what you want from your husband depends on your ability to voice out and shape your desires in ways that he can easily understand.


Using your desire is a very powerful tool to entice your husband into action. Don’t be afraid to speak up and show him what he wants. No matter how many years you might be together with your partner, there are still things that we don’t understand or know about each other.


8. He Isn’t Giving You Compliments


On the first few dates, what did he tell you? Was he swooning over you? Did he look into your eyes and said they are the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen? 

When your husband is giving you compliments, he’s showing you that he is into you. He loves how you look, dress, act, and smell. Words are a great way of expressing romance, love, and attraction.

If your husband isn’t looking at you and telling you how beautiful you are, he might not be romantic. Does it mean he isn’t into you? Not necessarily. He might just not be very good with words. 

Communication isn’t just about what we say – it’s how we treat each other as well. 

9. He Doesn’t Leave You a Note


What else better expresses love than receiving a note on the table professing his love to you?

It could also be a text message that you randomly receive during the day. Again, it’s a small gesture but what matters is the intent behind it. You were on his mind, and he’s making an effort to show you that you matter to him.

But just because he isn’t romantic with you right now, doesn’t mean he won’t be romantic with you in the future.

How do I know this?

'Is he unromantic' a wife asks while searching for signs of an unromantic husband

Because he had romanced you when you first met. He has the gene in him to want to see you happy.

It’s in the honeymoon phase where he tries to win you over in all kinds of ways. Guess what? That’s still in him and you can activate that. You can wake up to a delicious breakfast he made for you.


Head over here to secure your spot in our The Cherished Wife Program now to learn the key that makes your connection stronger than in the honeymoon phase.

An Exceptional Relationship takes an exceptional commitment to love.Natasha and Jachym Jerie

10. He Doesn’t Buy You Flowers or Gifts


What does a present show you?

He’s thought of you. He’s tried to find something that will make you happy. It takes effort to find the right gift for someone. That is why it’s a clear sign of romance when someone gives you a gift.

If you find that your husband gives you a gift but it’s ‘unromantic’, think again. Even if he missed the mark, he actually tried to do something for you. It actually is a sign of romance even if the gifts are oven mitts. 

All he needs is a little bit of nudging to help him get you what you actually desire. But what if he doesn’t give you gifts? Well, he might be unromantic or he might show his love to you in other ways. 

I personally don’t care about gifts. They just clutter up my space. I never think about gifts either. It just doesn’t occur to me.

But I do care about spending quality time with someone. For me, that’s more important than a gift. So don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. What does your husband value more than flowers or gifts?


Gift giving is indeed a love language that can make anyone feel loved, but so is spending time with our partners.

He might not be the type to shower you with gifts, but him being always there for you, making you feel heard and comforted, are one of his ways that quietly says he loves you. 

Is He REALLY Unromantic?

What is romance?

Well, at its fundamental level, it’s a way to express love. 

So what is romance? 

Whatever the person thinks shows love for their spouse. The issue is that many couples don’t realize that their spouse cares simply in ways they don’t understand.

Natasha shows love through doing things for me, and I show love through physical touch and quality time. We felt totally neglected because we thought the other person didn’t care. We didn’t realize that we showed love in other ways. 

Surrendering to love is more empowering than trying to call all the shots..Natasha and Jachym Jerie

Does your husband love you? 

If yes, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about romance in a Hollywood fashion and start appreciating what he does for you. This simple shift in mindset can do wonders for your relationship. 

But if you want to know more about how you can get your husband to be more romantic, here’s another article for you. 

Remember, romance isn’t just a one-size-fits-all. It’s something for you and your partner to discover together.

For example, does he actually know what you want? Have your tastes or preferences changed since you first met?

Do you show him appreciation when he does do something romantic for you?

These 10 signs of an unromantic husband are just a starting point. The action that you take next can change everything. Click here for our free printable romantic questions perfect for your next date-night.

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Is Your Marriage Communication Breaking Down?

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Is Your Marriage Communication Breaking Down?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

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never ever spam you!

Is Your Relationship Communication Healthy?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

Is Your Relationship Communication Healthy?

Find out if you make these communication mistakes by taking this free quiz!

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never ever spam you!